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Principal's Message


Dear Families,


Welcome to Marlton School for the Deaf!  What a pleasure it is that your family has selected our school to foster your child’s educational growth.  My name is Mrs. Kim Miller, and I am the new Principal of Marlton School.  I cannot wait to meet you and your family.


I want to share with you a little about myself.  My career has been in Deaf Education.  I have been a sign language interpreter, Teacher of the Deaf both in the classroom and as an itinerant.  I was the Program Specialist supporting all the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Programs District Wide.  I was also the Assistant Principal at Marlton from 2005-2010 For the last 10 years I have been at the District Headquarters, as Coordinator, for Deaf, Blind and Orthopedic Programs.  As a long-term educator in Deaf Education and being a parent of a son who is Deaf, I believe that I understand the needs of our school’s culture and climate and the concerns of our parents and families; and I am eager to affect change for the betterment of all Marlton stakeholders, especially for our students and their families, including our General Education Students.


Our teachers and staff have a daunting task in continuing distance learning for an uncertain length of time.   Our Marlton teachers will continue to learn and participate in training to refine their skills for online teaching and provide rich academic experiences for our students.  Administration and our support teams are also ready to facilitate and assist in multiple ways.




Mrs. Kim Miller

Principal, Marlton School